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The silly and sleepless Mistress McCutchan, otherwise known in the real world simply as Laura, created Morbid Outlook in August of 1992, while still a gothling in high school.

She is a full-time, senior web designer, DJ, and director of The Serpentina North Ensemble. She is vegan, but not one of the pushy ones. When not on the road or working like a maniac, she can be found becoming one with the couch, especially if Three’s Company is on.
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Lolita Galore
Mistress McCutchan
The appeal of the Gothic Lolita has expanded beyond the Japanese subculture. In western culture, the gothic scene has embraced its elements: frilly bows on skirts and in the hair, mary jane platforms, ruffles and lace embellishments. Here, we have collected images of various interpretations of the look from the Western perspective.
The first three images here are from Alison of The Velvet Garden, photographed by Thomas Park at Fanime 2003, a Japanese anime convention near San Francisco. Her headpiece was custom made by Doom Tart. The parasol was a gift from Tenebrae. The shirt, which really makes the outfit, was an amazing vintage find, and the skirt was bought years ago at the Black Rose in London. She made her own falls and earrings.
The next two images are from Claire Cozler photographed by Steve Latner. She made her own falls and created her outfit via bargain shopping in London. Her skirt and corset are from Elizium, in Camden, London.
The last image in the second row was submitted by Hamu, who designed and made her own dress. She was inspired by a female Japanese Rocker, Kanna, who usually wears dresses made in the ESL style, Elegant Sweet Lolita. The idea behind ESL is dressing in a cute Alice in Wonderland style.
The third row of images were submitted Rose. The first outfit is her “relaxed” Lolita look; it is not as overwrought as a full Harajuku-esque ensemble but still maintains the quaint babydoll feel. The bonnet is Amish, the blouse the depths of her closet, and the skirt is by Crimson Empress. The second outfit is influenced by Visual Kei with its asymmetrical hem and PVC cross applique. The skirt is by Crimson Empress. The headpiece and handbag is from Delirium Clothing. The shoes are from Spooky Boutique.
The first two images in the fourth row were photographed by Dave. The third image in the fourth row is Rose and Wakako was photographed by Tony.
The next batch of photographs are from R. Nina Ruchirat, featuring Madame Archel modeling the Canadian-based Rose and Thorn Clothing.
In the sixth row, Bailey is modeling a white Sweet Lolita style of her own design.
In the last row, Alexis shares the outfit she wore on her first date with her boyfriend/fiance. Most of her garb was purchased via eBay.
Feel free to submit your Gothic Lolita pictures at mistress @
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