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Under The Stairs
He had to let Richard in

Cemetery Polka : Scenes from a Goth Night

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A boy, a girl, their cats, a pet zombie...
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Music reviews for your aural pleasure
The Toronto Zombie Walk 2009
The living dead invading the Toronto streets
Goth Wear in the Workplace
What do you wear to work?
Ask Witch Hazel
Q & A on metal allergies, electronic music and protecting the home
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Erté: The Alchemist of Artistry
Kyshah Hell
Erté’s fashion plates, lithographs, advertising art, magazine work, and illustrations for various authors have all come to define a vividly colorful and uniquely futuristic art deco style – a style reminiscent of a magical time and place of indeterminate origin.
Book Review
Fool by Christopher Moore
Not just a fun rework of a classic tale.