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The silly and sleepless Mistress McCutchan, otherwise known in the real world simply as Laura, created Morbid Outlook in August of 1992, while still a gothling in high school.

She is a full-time, senior web designer, DJ, and director of The Serpentina North Ensemble. She is vegan, but not one of the pushy ones. When not on the road or working like a maniac, she can be found becoming one with the couch, especially if Three’s Company is on.
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Ten Questions with Voltaire
Mistress McCutchan
I really enjoy music, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to read about it. If you think band interviews/reviews are a tedious read, try writing one! I thought it would be much more interesting to gain insight on the people behind the music with just ten little questions, straight from the artists to you...

1) Chocolate or vanilla?
2) Do you have any pets and what are they?
I don’t believe in keeping pets. I don’t have the kind of time to give them that they deserve.
3) Favourite place to visit?
4) Favourite article of clothing?
Anything black, comfortable and near the bed when I wake up.
5) Favourite piece of art?
My son. Always moving, always changing, completely interactive and extremely easy (and pleasurable) to make.
6) If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
Pepe Le Pew with a better batting average (and good dose of Obsession for Men)
7) What are you most likely to be doing at 3 am?
Plotting world domination (ie. working)
8) Age you lost your virginity?
12 (thank you Tali A. and Laurie K.!)
9) What piece of advice would you give to a teenager?
Just grit your teeth and bear it. Any moment now YOU will be making the rules. Keep in mind that most of the people who make your life difficult will be long dead while you are in your prime! ; ) Be who you want to be. Don't let anyone change your mind. People who have a problem with you will most likely go on to a career pumping gas while you are doing what you love. Life is poetic that way.
10) What are you most proud of to date?
I never do anything I don’t WANT to do. I still haven’t had to get a “real” job.
For more information on Voltaire’s music, comics and animation visit the Voltaire website @ Also check out Voltaire’s animated series Chi-Chian on the Sci-Fi Channel’s website: