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Sara Edmister is an eccentric, eclectic, recently graduated vagabond residing in several parts of New York. She is currently spending her time moving about, trying her hand at different things, traveling, and taking road trips whenever she has a good excuse. She is especially interested in music promotion, concerts, vegetarianism, and internet sleuthing. She can be found in a variety of practical office jobs and is currently seeking out a home and a career in NYC.
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Ten Questions with 10 Questions with Amanda Palmer of Dresden Dolls
Sara Edmister
Morbid Outlook has skirted the ways of tedious and wordy music interviews for years, in hopes to learn something about the artist without both the reader and writer falling asleep in the process. In the tradition of Mistress McCutchan’s previous 10 Questions feature, here is a fun look into the life of The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer.

1) Chocolate or vanilla?
Like most things, it honestly depends on the context.
2) Do you have any pets and what are they?
Touring life prevents pets. But I do have an inanimate bear named Ice Cube.
3) Favourite place to visit?
The basement.
4) Favourite article of clothing?
My striped green dress. It’s been in a bag, moving with me, for 12 years, but it still retains favorite status.
5) Favourite piece of art?
My Benjamin Franklin At The Court of France print.
6) If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
Amanda Palmer. Either that or Madonna.
7) What are you most likely to be doing at 3 am?
On tour? Sleeping. At home, most likely answering emails or reading. Unless I’m about to go to bed, in which case I might be brushing or flossing. Or whacking off. It has a remarkable soporific effect.
8) Age you lost your virginity?
Fifteen and eleven twelfths.
9) What piece of advice would you give to a teenager?
Don’t worry, you’ll escape within a few short years.
10) What are you most proud of to date?
The fact that I did yoga and went for a jog this morning.
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