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About the Author
Emily C. Cat is one of the original contributors to Morbid Outlook, while the zine was still in print (1992-1996). The Lure of the Vampire originally appeared in the fourth issue.
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Lure of the Vampire
Emily C. Cat
Throughout the long span of time in which the human imagination has created beings of fantasy solely for its own pleasure, a dark and erotic creature has existed. Its name is the vampire. In myths, we keep it alive by sacrificing our own heated blood; in reality, we feed its existence with our desperate longing for the ecstasy that it represents
Our beloved vampire kills to sustain its own life. he or she has learned to accept and enjoy this act of murder. And so, the story of his/her fate is redolent with evil. Yet, all around, there is evidence of the human need for vampires.
When “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” hit theaters, along with it came memorobilia – posters, figures, t-shirts, etc. Publications devoted to the vampire such as “The Shadowgram” and “The Vampire Journal” exist. Millions of parents across America feed their children “Count Chocula Cereal” (notice the other two cereals, Frankenberry and Boo Berry just weren’t as popular!) for breakfast. And every year at Halloween, tiny Count Draculas and vamp queens beat down our doors demanding candy. There is no doubt about it; the vampire has been allowed to seep into our consciousness. Through the dark ponderings of the night side of human imagination, the vampire is very much alive in the real world as we know it.
What is it that calls us to the concept of the blood-feasting stranger wandering in oblivion of the eternal night? Why do we keep it alive? One answer to these questions is the delicious shiver we feel when we imagine succumbing to its hunger. We play the role over and over again in our minds; we become the victim in this erotic fantasy. We can envision it all: the stranger with ivory skin and jet locks, those unyielding and strong arms, the flicker of translucent eyes, the agony of the piercing kiss, and finally the orgasmic seizure that accompanies the hot and scarlet flow of blood. Yes, it has masochistic undertones, but we love every moment of it.
Another answer lies in the fact that we can all relate to this character. At times, we all feel distant and aloof, lonely and isolated. We all, at one time or another, feel misunderstood by the world. At times like these, we entertain the thought of bringing death to victim after victim. We want to draw in every last drop of their essence at the end of a violent struggle. Loneliness and isolation in humans can breed a craving for power. At times, I’ve come into contact with those people who have chosen the pursuit of power over others as the single goal of their life. In extreme cases, the need for power can shamelessly corrupt the soul of an individual, If he or she allows it to blossom. However, we all desire power in some degree. To be a vampire is to have power; power to bring death and have eternal life. Therefore, when we imagine ourselves in the role of the vampire or vampiress, we envision ourselves as strong, attractive, powerful and beautiful. To desire to be all of these is quite normal and very human.
In the light of humanity within the lure of the vampire, it is safe to conclude that the legend will never die. being a follower of dark legends, I say – so be it! For throughout time, it has been an inspiration for art, music, poetry, novels, and movies. Some are good, some are deeply moving. Considering this, I feel that its contribution to society is more than relevant. Like it or not, this fantasy being has held its power over people for as long as people have existed. And so, the vampire, in reality, is truly eternal.
I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.
Editor’s Note – In today’s goth scene (here in NYC), many people are sick of the whole vampire thing... while the aesthetics are obvious, the pale skin, night life, etc., the media has mistakenly called the “gothic scene” the “vampire scene”. Just because I own nothing but black clothes and wear black eye makeup when I go out doesn’t mean I’m out drinking blood! Now honestly, would you really want to *be* a vampire? Live forever while you watch everything around you change and the ones you love die? Never see sunlight again? (How would you go shopping? All the good stores would be closing as you woke up!) Become a predator for survival? (I’d make a lousy vampire considering I’m a vegetarian!) And as Natalia (of Unto Ashes) put it, “you’d never be able to enjoy another nacho again!” Role playing is one thing, but pretending to really *be* a vampire?! Get over it.